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Private Selling


Private Selling

Selling Privately at Greenwich Auction

How do I choose which way to sell?

For many clients, buying and selling privately is an attractive alternative to the auction process. Private sales at Greenwich Auction are handled with the utmost discretion, regardless of the auction calendar. Our specialists are available to offer advice should you wish to consider private sales.

As a consignor, why would I choose a private sale over an auction?

Buying and selling privately is ideal for our clients for whom anonymity, flexibility and immediacy are paramount. Our network of prominent museum curators and international collectors, coupled with our extensive market knowledge, enables us to quickly identify appropriate buyers.

How long does the selling process take?

This depends on the specific needs of all the parties involved. A private sale may be executed quickly or performed gradually. When you contact us as a consignor, we research and evaluate your property and begin our search for the appropriate buyer. Should you consign a work with Greenwich Auction, we will present you with an agreement outlining our exclusive right to offer the work for a specified period of time. We will then discreetly begin to offer the work to individual potential purchasers, while keeping you informed of our progress.

Upon the successful sale of your property, Greenwich Auction will collect an agreed-upon commission. If a private transaction is not completed, you retain the option of consigning your work to a subsequent Greenwich Auction event.

Are private sales prices made public the way they are at an auction?

Every aspect of a private sale is kept in the strictest confidence.